Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hi everyone. Thought I should get into this blogging thing so here goes. Don't have any pictures to post yet but here goes on some sewing and knitting projects:

In progress is McCalls 5809. I have made this pattern twice now First attempt was a wadder - way too small so gave it to somebody smaller than me at my Mom's and Tot's class. I had so much fabric left over so bought another pattern starting with a size 14 which I made and it came out beautifully. Will post a pick once hubby has taken one. I did not have any problems with this pattern other than the fact that the 12 was too small. I am now making it in koshibo. Got the fabric for a song @R15 a metre (around $2).

Also in progress is a patchwork jacket which I based on the concha vest pattern, see I have lengthened the pattern and added long sleeves. Just finishing off the last sleeve. I have decided to try and line it but not sure yet how to tackle that one.

I have been following Amanda's adventures in sewing and would like to thank her for inspiring us all to sew better garments. Now have to go and change my 2 year old who is rather smelly so bye for now.


  1. Did you get to take a photo of your top? I'd love to see how it turned out. I haven't tried that pattern. :-)

  2. Hi Gaynor,
    I tried to find you on facebook but didn't recognize you in any of the pictures of people that came up. Anyway, my email is justinsbride at hotmail dot com. Thanks for thinking of me! Good luck with your lacy sweater. :)